Bench Press Bar – Different Bench Press Bar Variations

The important role played by a bench press cannot be overlooked in any way. However, they come in different variations which determine how good the one you have is. You are advised to make informed choices once in the market as a way of avoiding making costly mistakes that may move away from your needs satisfaction. Consequently, the following bench press bar variations are in the market for your consideration.

MH0505 Poster 019 Body 0 Bench Press Bar   Different Bench Press Bar VariationsReverse grip bench press is the first variation which incorporates a firm grip by the palms making it a very easy try with the shoulders. Its main focus is on the triceps which makes it easy for a person to handle the bar. This variation has been in use for long and athletes are the common users’ world over. California press is a variation that brings together several aspects of bench pressing. Its movements are hybrid which gives any person the flexibility and freedom to get the best out of it. This is the best choice for those people keen on improving their strength and body mass.

There is the partial range bench press which is not good for regular exercises. It is much valuable when used for weight lifting purposes even though it can multitask in several ways. If you are out for some leg press workout or any other around that body area then this will suit your use very well. The bench pres with lifting chains is another of the popular variations that you need to know about.  By using the chains, one is in a position of enhancing resistance that is much needed in such workouts. Make sure the chains are well fixed with a collar so that nothing else is required to make them firm.

In the same way, the bench press with bands is a common option that many people have turned to nowadays. It is very easily adjustable during a workout session so you don’t have to develop a lot of tension for nothing. As a new user, you will not have hard times accelerating your bar which is very simplified and it is simply the reason why many people like it. There are sometimes when bar models differ and will require some mastery of how it’s used which should not be an issue to you. Always make good use of the bench press chart to sort out such problems in an effective way.

The bench press with eccentric hooks is a variation that traces its roots back in the soviet making it one of the oldest in the market. It gives you the power to sustain more workout sessions because of its hooks and strength capabilities. It is a good choice to go for when out in search of the best bench press bar for your personal use.  Some other commonly used variations of the bench pressing bar include cambered bar, long bench press, football bar bench press and thick bar bench press. Whichever you choose to go for; positive results will be in the offing for you.

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